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Calmlink Biofeedback Software for GSR2 & GSR/Temp2X Devices

Camllink Graph Example

-> Calmlink Software

Calmlink is the only official software authorized by Thought Technology LCC, the manufacturer of GSR2 and GSR2/Temp2x personal biofeedback devices. If was specifically developed, tested and validated to work with the GSR2 monitors that are approved by FDA. No other company's software is validated to work with the GSR2 devices. The Calmlink software includes an optically isolated GSR2-PC cable making it 100% safe for the user to work with the system. The Calmlink features include, but not limited to the following:

  • Full feature graphics display;
  • Multiple tone and musical instrument sound feedback;
  • Changing shapes and pictures tied to relaxation;
  • Full feature recording and viewing of past sessions;
  • Event Markers: a user can mark up specific events and save for further analysis. The markers will appear as vertical line on the graphs for easy detection.
  • Can be used as a lie detector or relaxation trainer.
  • Export data to Excel for other scientific analysis;
  • Pacman style game that speeds up and slows down as you relax.
  • Includes 10 animations and tools to create your own animations!
  • Includes two instructional audio lessons in Windows wma format so you can listen them on your PC or any popular mp3 player.
  • An optically-isolated cable included (to connect the GSR2 unit to the PC's sound card).

Calmlink GSR2 Biofeedback Software for Windows, is designed to run with GSR2 and GSR2/TempX2 devices. Calmlink works in Windows 98/98SE, ME, 2000 and XP. It was not tested on Vista, however we have reports from the users that it also works on Vista. The main requirement for PC connectivity is a SoundBlaster compatible sound card. The GSR2 unit connects to the Microphone In jack of the PC's sound card via an optically isolated cable (included with the software). Software features include: Graph, Game and Animation mode, Event Markers, printable reports to compare biofeedback session, MIDI music support and tone feedback and more! The CD-ROM includes tools to develop your own animations to run with Calmlink. 

Calmlink has 3 main modes - Graph, Animation and Game. There are six types of graphs that Calmlink displays on the screen. This is a classic mode in with a user can see the actual values of the galvanic skin response. Each graph has a visible threshold than can we moved with a drag-and-drop mouse action. The graph quantitatively displays the values in real-time. The color of the graph changes when the signal passes the threshold:

You can learn relaxation techniques in Animation and Graph modes. The Game screen provides an opportunity to learn relaxation techniques in stress environment while the user plays a Pacman style game. 

Use relaxation techniques while watching animations and listening to music feedback. The package includes an installation CD-ROM with the animations listed below, as well as a safe, optically-isolated cable for connecting a GSR2 unit with a PC. 

Big Bang Animation:

Nature Animation:

Landing Animation:

Tubes Animation:

Island Sunrise Animation:

Mona Lisa Animation:

EMG River Animation:

Space Training Animation:

Flying Balls on Tubes Animation: 

UFO Sighting Animation:


-> GSR2 - What is it?

The small, hand-held and self contained GSR 2TM is a Galvanic Skin Response monitoring device for home biofeedback. The GSR 2TM precisely monitors your stress levels by translating tiny tension-related changes in skin pores into a rising or falling tone. By resting two fingers on the sensing plates you learn to lower the pitch and your stress level.

-> GSR2/Temp2X - What is it?

GSR/Temp2XThe GSR/Temp 2XTM also includes a temperature sensor for monitoring heat levels in fingers. Stress also reduces blood flow to the hands, causing cooling. The GSR/Temp 2XTM home biofeedback system allows you to do "hand warming" biofeedback. In addition the GSR 2TM monitor, the system includes a temperature sensor, remote electrodes that attach to the hands or feet, dual-sensitivity meter, earphone, instruction manual and a cassette with a short relaxation program.

-> Features:

  • Uses a 9V battery (included)
  • Ergonomically shaped for a most comfortable and natural grip
  • Provides tonal feedback through speaker or earphones
  • The GSR Temp 2X has a dual-sensitivity analog meter for visual feedback

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Download a Calmlink User Manual in Adobe PDF Format (download Adobe Acrobat from www.adobe.com).

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